Doxa 1200t Professional

10 months ago
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Never thought I'd be posting my 1200t, but after the reissue of the black lung announced this morning I feel like I need one now...
So, up for sale, a 1200t, in great shape, with the newer beads of rice bracelet that I bought after I got the watch.
Apart from tiny hairlines on the polished part of the bezel, the watch has no cosmetic flaws. I take great care of it, and although it's considered a 'tool' watch I never do any kind of physical activity with it, so it's been babied.
One major drawback though: it hasn't been serviced since I bought it last year, and it needs to be hand wound every day to recharge it. It needs a cleanup but I've been 1: traveling non stop 2: unable to find a decent watchmaker in my area. If you know one, it's a ETA 2824-2 so any watchmaker that calls himself so should be able to clean it up for not too much money. That being said, the price reflects the need for servicing.
$1275 USD, paypal'd only. I'll ship to the US only, via UPS. Comes with the doxa tube, screwdriver and dvd.
Now for some pics.