Couple of Kavs

9 months ago
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New Jersey, USA

Changing up the collection a bit and looking to free up some funds, so putting these beauties on the block with a heavy heart. No trades please.
Irukandji Bucaneer (#1), great patina, great wabi, as subtle as a sledgehammer. Crystal shows a little haze at certain angles but nothing of real concern. Zero mechanical issues. Mounted on a dark brown Ciampi with Ennebi roller buckle that shows wear but has a long way to go (last pic). Steam punk goodness. $3450.
904L stainless high-polish Triggerfish, 1 of 1 with the carbon fiber dial and yellow/blue color combo. Some inevitable superficial marks on the high polish, visible at certain angles. Crystal perfect, zero mechanical issues. On soft blue Fjorde with green contrast stitching and sewn in buckle (last pic). Totally insane in the best possible way. $3750.
Prices are net to me after any fees, I'll cover CONUS shipping.
Happy to answer questions or provide pix.
100% positive feedback on the forum.
Thank you!