Cheap Thrill!!! - FS Fossil Big Tic

11 months ago
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Frisco, Texas

Selling my Vintage Fossil Big Tic. This is a very well made Fossil with a beautiful domed crystal, great daily wearer.
Please note the following points:
*US only
*Price includes Paypal Fees and Shipping
*Paypal transactions only
*I will ship insured and with tracking only
*Shipping to Paypal verified address only
*FS only
*Feel free to make offers, but please note that low balling will waste your time and mine
*Any questions you have and any additional pictures you need, please feel free to PM me for more details
*Please forgive any pictures that are not clear or have dust or fingerprints on them
*I will do my best to describe the watch in detail along with any scratches, dents or scuffs it may have. However please feel free to ask questions and I will answer them
I have purchased and sold a lot of watches on WUS. You can find feedback for me as a buyer and seller under the handle goodboi7000. I will do all I can to make sure all transactions are smooth. Please read carefully, there are a lot of details in my post.
Here is the description of the watch:
*Price - $60 (including Paypal fees and shipping)
Running and keeping good time
watch is in good condition, keeps good time, all adjustments work and crown sits nicely. Please note that this watch has been used as a daily wearer in rotation with a lot of other watches and shows all signs of it. There are scratches to the case, the lugs and desk diving marks on the bracelet especially the shiny bits. Non-smoking home
*Watch Head
Good condition, polished surfaces show scratches and small dings, nothing too offensive or deep
good condition, small scratches may be present
crystal is in great condition but is either mineral crystal or has acrylic coating, I am not sure of that. There is one small scratch on the crystal on top of the dome but it is hard to locate from most angles.
I cannot certify this watchs water resitance given its age. But will survive washing your hands in the sink. Do not dive with it J
Bracelet shows signs of wear and scratches mostly from desk use. Apart from these cosmetic things, the bracelet itself is in very good condition and has plenty of life left. There are no extra links, however this bracelet fit my 7.25 wrist comfortably. A larger wrist and you will probably need a strap to comfortably wear this.
*Free Velcro
Included with the sale is a free Velcro strap, this was a replica of the original Velcro that NASA commissioned for the Omega Speedmaster Pro and will fit a 7.25 +/- .25 wrist comfortably. This is a decent quality strap and cost me about $40 and change on ScamBay. I know, I must be crazy to include it in the sale but I have other velcros from GGB and no use for this. Has plenty of life left.
Watch comes with a generic fossil box/tin. I will package it nicely when I ship