OT Glycine Airman 18 Sphair

11 months ago
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Buffalo, NY

Hey all,
So I'm just about there, I went from 20 plus watches down to my Core 4 as I was intended...well almost. I'm not convinced on the fourth yet. Just got this Glycine Airman, and it's really cool, but not quite my style. So looking to trade (across or down) or sell.
Watch is in really good shape, I'm the second owner (I believe), watch is a year old, and can't really find any issues. The rubber grip on the crown is loose (common) but fits in place once the crown is screwed in. Has been keeping great time. Note: this is the 18, so it's 39mm, and not a purist, so the hour hand is 12 hours. Comes with boxes, paper, and OEM strap. Looking to sell for $550 with PayPal fees and shipping included (USPS Priority- CONUS please) at my expense.
Trades? Open to all sorts of things, as long as it has a mechanical movement. And prefer nothing over 42mm, but no smaller than 39mm. Only other things would be that I prefer sapphire and at least 100m WR. Feel free to send whatever you're thinking, but please don't be offended if I pass. Couple of prior watches I'd like again: GSAR, Moana Pro (I know it's 44), or 556.
Please PM, Thanks!