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Alligator Straps by Hirsch, Austria
I encourage you to contact me to see if there are any Watchuseek specific specials on these items.
Hirsch AG is located in Austria and their mission statement is to develop and manufacture the most advanced highly detailed and finest bracelets in the world. The aim of each development is to ensure the longevity, wearer comfort and aesthetics of the bracelet whenever the consumer is wearing it.
Hirsch USA is a division of Hadley Roma USA with which I have a relationship.
Having inventory in the US enables faster access to the Hirsch line and helps maintain a speedy turnaround to my customers.
If you see a Hirsch product I do not carry, inquire and I should be able to have it in my hands within 48 hours.
For the many of you that have already purchased from me, thank you very much!
Note: Shipping rates and conditions at bottom
NEW!!! Each strap has been updated with Thickness, Lug and Buckle sizes as well as the matrix of colors and lengths.
Below you will find
Hirsch Deployants
Precious/Exotic Skin Straps
Premium Leather Straps
Premium Caoutchouc
Best Sellers
Other Popular Straps.Hirsch Strap Lengths
M = 70mm x 110mm Ladies Regular or Gents Small
= 80mm x 120mm Ladies Long or Gents Regular
XL = 100mm x 120mm Gents LongKennyHirsch Deployants>This is new and a great deployant, sleek, Hirsch logo on the clasp, screw in springbar, stainless steel, double fold, push button in 16mm, 18mm and 20mm.
Includes screwdriver & springbar tool
Double Push Button
Stainless Steel - $65.00. (16,18,20)
Double Push Button
Yellow Gold Black
- $79.00 (18mm only) Capitano $350.95
Athletic character, voluminous band for large watches, select deep barrel dyed Louisiana Alligator with hand brushed finish, two tone rectangular scales, sports style padding, contrasting stitch, hand sewn bar seam at the buckle, safety stitch on floating keeper, remborded and edge lacquered, contrasting edges 3 layers, stainless steel buckle.
Length: 80x120mm
Dimensions: 20x18x6.8mm, 22x20x6.8mm, 24x20x8mm
Colors: Black, Brown, Gold Brown
MSRP: $389.95 Earl
Fiber-deep barrel-dyed Louisiana Alligator hand brushed to a matte silky shine, two tone rectangular scales, strong, elegant padding, tone on tone backstitch seam, hand sewn bar seam near buckle,
hand sewn safety stitch on floating keeper, defined embossed line on bracelet & keepers, remborde look, hand lacquered contrasting edges in 3 layers, stainless steel buckle
Length: 80x120
Size 18x16x5.6mm 19x18x5.9mm 20x18x6.2mm 22x20x6.8mm
MSRP: $379.95Viscount, Genuine Alligator
100m waterproof genuine alligator, the first of its kind in the world.
UPPER: Louisiana alligator specially tanned W-R, Lining Oysterglove Supersoft.
MSRP $399.95, forum price $359.95
Available Lengths: L=80x120
L Series: Lug Width x Buckle Width x Thickness
18 x 16 x 5.6: Black, Brown, Gold Brown, Blue, Red
19 x 18 x 5.9: Black, Brown, Gold Brown, Blue, Red
20 x 18 x 6.2: Black, Brown, Gold Brown, Blue, Red
21 x 18 x 6.5: Black, Brown, Gold Brown, Blue, Red
22 x 20 x 6.8: Black, Brown, Gold Brown, Blue, Red
24 x 22 x 7.2: Black, Brown, Gold Brown, Blue, RedRegent Small grain genuine alligator flanc
light pad, water and perspiration proof lining, matte finish in black and brown.
UPPER: Alligator Louisiana Flanc semi-matte.
LOWER: Oysterglove Supersoft. MSRP $149.95.
Forum price $134.95
(Extended Range (8-10 weeks, no returns: Blue, Gold Brown, Burgundy, White, Red $179) M Series: Lug Width x Buckle Width x Thickness
16 x 14 x 3.2: Black, Brown
17 x 14 x 3.4: Black, Brown
18 x 16 x 3.6: Black, Brown
19 x 16 x 3.8: Black, Brown
20 x 16 x 4.0: Black, Brown L Series: Lug Width x Buckle Width x Thickness
18 x 16 x 3.6: Black, Brown
20 x 16 x 4.0: Black, Brown
prices compliant with Hirsch policy
Return Policy
Returns allowed as long as the following conditions are met (non warranty returns):
1. straps can not be worn or tried on (it puts a bend in the strap and cant be sold as new)
2. tags still attached and packaging intact
3. must be exactly as sold.
Please take all measurements before attempting to mount the strap.
Shipping Charges: updated 09.17.2016 Straps over $100 will be automatically insured
Inside the U.S.
Orders over $50.00 and paid directly through PayPal are free 1st class with delivery confirmation.
1st Class with delivery confirmation + insurance..$2.60
Priority Small Package (smaller mailboxes)..$7.00
Express Mail Flat Rate..$22.50
Outside the U.S.
Registered Mail (safest, signature required)...$27.00 See Comments Below***
Priority 4-6 days, no insurance or tracking.$31.00 See Comments Below***
Global Express w $100 ins. & tracking..$61.50
Includes E-delivery confirmation to:
Great Britain & Northern Ireland
New Zealand
Saudi Arabia
Important notes/terms of sale
The postal system around the world generally does an outstanding job; my experience has been a worldwide delivery rate over 99%.
I provide (reasonable) evidence of shipment.
***If you are concerned about in transit loss, and not in an E-delivery Confirmation country.please select a secured or insured method as the terms are FOB shipping point, seller is not responsible.
Items insured must have a visible declared value equal to the amount of insurance coverage.
Please contact or paypal me at
Thanks for looking.
Thanks, Kenny
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