Halios Puck DLC

10 months ago
Available on
Palm Springs

Selling my Halios Puck DLC. Bought it not long ago from a well-respected forum member. Excellent shape and runs great.
I received it in the plastic bag pictured with the Nato and unused leather strap with two buckles. I'm also throwing in the Zulu Nato I preferred it with --- I've only worn it a few times and am selling for under the price I paid.
I'll put it in a secure case for shipping. I'll cover PayPal and shipping fees.
I had this listed as part of a fire sale and had a ton of interest in it. My monetary goal was
reached so I took it down.
Really don't need it and contemplating selling off most of my collection, opting to keep my higher value items.
No trades and conus deal please.

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