1995 Citizen Aqualand - Serviced by Hurley Roberts

about 1 month ago
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Atlanta, Ga

FS: Citizen Aqualand. This watch was made in June of 1995, and was recently serviced by Hurley Roberts (service papers included) - https://www.hurleyrobertsservice.com
All gaskets were replaced, the movement was serviced, and the watch was pressure tested (the servicing cost $280). Although this is a classic vintage diver it's as new as it gets. So he's ready to dive, snorkel, swim, etc.....
Overall, the watch is 22 years old, but I'd say the condition is a 7:10. There are some scratches around the case from normal wear, but nothing hard core. PM me if you would like additional pics.
Along with the proper Citizen rubber strap (don't think it's original) I'll include the straps pictured
I'm asking $350 via PayPal (friends/family requested) includes shipping CONUSWUS:
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