Eterna Kontiki Chronograph on Bracelet

10 months ago
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London, Canada

My sell off continues. I have a new job and and don't / can't wear as many watches.
This Eterna is hard to sell. I am the first owner and I do love it. The quality is off the charts for the price. These were designed to be sold at much higher prices and the fit and finish reflect that.
Condition is excellent. A few small swirls on the polished bezel and that is it. The bracelet is a highlight. Many who have owned this watch rave about the quality and they are right to do so. I always wore the watch on a strap as I preferred the look. I sized the bracelet to try it out but only wore it a few times so the condition is like new.
I am also including a Hirsch performance series strap which I feel goes extremely well on the watch. Thess are of wonderful quality and waterproof so that is in keeping with the 200m water resistance of the Kontiki.
I am asking $800 shipped and paypalled. Thanks for looking.