HMT Mechanical (Surya Dial) at near Half Price Discount

about 1 year ago
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Hi,I have received many HMT watches from a gentleman who relocated to Ireland recently and I have been tasked to give away the watches without any profiteering.So after consultations, the person wants the watches to be given away at almost half their original purchase price.All the watches I will list are NOS and never worn. They were part of the personal collection.This listing is for HMT Surya Mechanical Wrist Watch.Condition - NOSManufacturer Listing page - Price - INR (Rs.) 1000+ Shipping. Shipping will be at actual, once you confirm the purchase and pay for the watch price, I will find out the quote to ship the watch to you and then that payment can be made and the watch will be shipped in the next 48 hours thereafter.
Contact me through a private message to confirm the buy.