Crepas L'Ocean now $1000.00!!

10 months ago
Crepas L'Ocean now $1000.00!!
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Rubber City, Ohio

The Tornado has been SOLD however the L'ocean is still available. I have come upon a piece that I want to buy as such, I want the L'ocean gone to fund. $1000.00 (you cover fees, I'll cover shipping). Please scroll down for all the info and pics!
Had these up for trade for a couple days without any offer that made me jump. I have this thing were its just hard for me to have one watch from a brand and while I love the L'ocean, the Tornado... after 6 months of waiting..just doesn't do it for me. I think I built it up in my head too much. Lesson learned.
None the less, I'm looking to either trade both upwards with potentially some cash coming from me or trade bother for a moderate piece that puts cash back in my paypal.
A few watches on my shopping list include, but not limited to: Superocean Abyss 42mm, Longines Legend, Most Doxa vintage styled divers, Manometro, Eterna 1000, ZRC, 1999 Monaco reissue, Sinn U1, U2... Most german divers, retro Chronos and retro divers fit the bill.
What I don't have an interest in.. Smaller than 41mm and larger than 44mm. Pilots, Asian movements, PVD or plated pieces, Bronze/Brass, Quartz, Day and Date models (Just date is great), anything with a 1/2 hour time slot on shop NBC.
NOW... the meat and gravy...The Crepas Tornado was announced late winter. Limited to 399 units. This is number 67. Gray Dial with sapphire done crystal. All original kit including unworn perlon strap and NATO both with signed Crepas buckles, unworn Mesh with signed buckle, NOS Tropic strap, modern interpretation of Tropic strap and BC retro Dive strap (great vanilla smell). Current exchange on the dollar will cost 679.00 to order the watch with a long wait. Additionally, I ordered a yellow alternate dial. ($25.00) I have over $100.00 in added straps that I'm not willing to separate. The watch has been worn less than 5 hours.
I value the watch at a straight purchase or trade of $700.00.
Sorry for the quick pic. the watch is perfect in every way..
Now, the L'ocean is a great piece. Amazingly comfortable. Included with the original full kit are a 24mm Black Isofrane worn 3 times (with a machined Crepas buckle that fits perfectly), original blue Crepas dive strap, two piece nato, orignal crepas nato and the ladder bracelet thats in perfect condition. as seen in the pics, a 24mm gen shark strap tops out the list. The sapphire crystal and bezel show now signs of wear and the case. The watch is a solid 95% and is limited to 300 units. The watch has no issues what so ever.
I value the complete package at $1150.00