Lum-Tec M21 Tungsten Carbide ETA-6498-2

almost 5 years ago
FS: Lum-Tec M21 Tungsten Carbide ETA-6498-2
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For sale (no trades) is my Lum-Tec M21 tungsten carbide watch with the very accurate ETA 6498-2 hand wind movement (nicely decorated), huge sapphire display case back, and sub-seconds dial. I am the original owner. I purchased this directly from Lum-Tec about 4.5 months ago, MSRP $1295. This watch is under warranty until 2-15-2014. Lum-Tec also offers FREE lifetime timing adjustments, but in my experience this watch has been very accurate. More information is available on the Lum Tec website: Lum Tec, LLC
The blue dial on this watch is absolutely stunning under sunlight or bright lights. In dimmer conditions, the dial appears a rich deep blue. I tried to capture this dynamic color in the pictures below. The highly decorated movement is also stunning, check out my close-up macro pictures below. I read somewhere that it is elabore grade, but Lum-Tec does not advertise that so I can't be sure.
Why am I selling:
I bought this watch to wear only on special occasions, so I have only worn it about 20 days in the 4.5 months that I have owned it. I have treated this watch as a prized possession ever since I purchased it. Because I take such good care of it, sometimes it feels like a burden to wear; I just don't want anything to happen to it. Over the last month or two, I find myself leaving this watch in the drawer and reaching for my "daily beater" Tissot Couturier. I think this watch deserves to be worn, so I am putting it up for sale.
Included in the Sale:
Absolutely everything that came with it originally from Lum-Tec. The watch, original inner and outer boxes, warranty card, manual, original black leather strap, original black rubber strap, original tungsten bracelet, stickers, spring bars, etc.
Item Condition:
As I mentioned above, this watch has only been worn about 20 days total. The case, sapphire, AR coating, and sapphire display case back are in perfect condition. The black rubber strap has never been worn or mounted, still in the plastic wrap. I wore the watch on the black leather strap for about 4 days. There is a very, very small crease from the buckle if you look really hard; no one else will ever notice. I primarily wore this watch on the tungsten bracelet. As you know, tungsten is almost impossible to scratch. When I was inspecting the watch before this sale, I noticed a very small nick on the edge of the second link in the bracelet. No one will ever notice this either, but I want to give the best description that I can so there are no surprises. I have no idea where this came from, my guess is it came from Lum-Tec this way and I never noticed it.
I am asking $900 total cost to you. That means I will take care of PayPal fees and cost of shipping by Fedex or UPS to anywhere in the Contiguous United States (48 states)(CONUS). The package will be insured for the full value of the sale, and your signature will be required upon delivery for added security.
Payment and Terms:
Payment through PayPay only. Shipping to CONUS only (Continental United States). Sorry, but I will not ship to freight forwarding services. If you live in Alaska or Hawaii, contact me and we can work something out.
My History:
I do not have much history on this forum because I am more of a casual watch collector, but I did have a very smooth transaction about a year ago where I sold my Lum-Tec M22. (SOLD: Lum Tec M22 Tungsten Carbide ETA 6498-1 worn once)
I would be more than happy to send you specific pictures with the watch set at a time you choose, with stuff in the background, etc. I only get the paper on Sundays so if that is something you want in the background, you may have to wait. PM me and I'll give you my eBay user ID to check my feedback. I ask that the buyer offer the same amount of cooperation if he or she does not have a history on this forum.
Thanks for looking!
The pictures below show the actual watch being sold, and were all taken my me on my point-and-shoot. You can see that the time advances through the pictures as I took them (I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so it took a while!) Please excuse any fingerprints, the highly polished tungsten carbide is a fingerprint magnet! I always carry a microfiber cloth when I wear this watch to keep it looking its best.

Fort Lauderdale,FL,USA
Fort Lauderdale,FL,USA
Fort Lauderdale,FL,USA
Fort Lauderdale,FL,USA
Fort Lauderdale,FL,USA