Thinning the collection: L&H, MWC, Forum Watch!

about 2 years ago
FS: Thinning the collection: L&H, MWC, Forum Watch!
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Thinning the collection! Getting rid of watches that I no longer wear enough. All of these are in 95%+ condition, barring the Acionna. All of these asking prices are the net payment that I'd like PayPal'd to me. I will cover shipping if it's within the US.
Album with all photos: James_Whiten's Library | Photobucket
Lew and Huey Red Orthos With Extra Dials and Bezels
This watch does not have a single scratch on it except for desk diving marks on the clasp. I bought the extra mod pieces to change the dial up as my mood dictated but I never got around to doing it! I don't want to get rid of this one either simply because of the modding potential it has. If you by this you'll get a lot of extra added value. Asking price $415.
Lew and Huey Black Acionna
You'll be receiving this watch with the super comfortable leather butterfly clasp strap it came with. The vertical side of the case without the crowns has a very faint scratch on it that should be easy to get out. I can also see a tiny scratch at the 11 and the 9 o'clock mark on the polished part of the case. The main issue with this watch is that the time can only be set by turning the crown counter clock wise. When you try to turn the time setting crown clockwise it will screw itself out of the case. It can, though, be easily pushed in and screwed back down. The watch works perfectly and keeps time great. I imagine that it would be an easy fix to disassemble this and see why the crown wants to work itself out. Asking price $230.
Lew and Huey Blue Riccardo
Here's one I don't want to get rid of! I can only find one scratch on the entire watch, and it is a tiny one between the 3 and 4 o'clock mark on the polished part of the case. It does not come with the original strap. Instead, you'll get the comfortable LW Suisse leather rally strap I've been wearing it on since I got it. Asking price $500.
Melbourne Watch Company Black Flinders
Beautiful and simple! Two issues: there is a scuff right as the crystal ends on the case at the 7 o'clock mark. Below that and closer to the 6 o'clock mark, on the vertical brushed part of the case, is a small scratch. I think that one is in a place where it would be hard to get rid of. Asking price $300.
Melbourne Watch Company White Flinders
Great condition! This is the only watch that comes without a box. When I bought it from Suj I only received the watch. It didn't come with a strap or box. I've got it on a cheap strap. It has one hairline scratch on the curved edge of the case right at the 5 o'clock mark. Asking price $275.
Melbourne Watch Company Blue Portsea
Here is the other one that I don't want to get rid of! This watch is beautiful and all of its complications work perfectly. I have a white one that I wear more often. I cannot find a single scratch on the case or crystal. The only issue is that (somehow) the last time I wore it the topmost layer of the strap got rubbed off in a few spots. Asking price $450.
F51 Chinese Watch Forum Gray GMT Project Watch
Perfect condition! I've barely worn this at all. Keeps time perfectly. I have a blue one that I'm keeping. Asking price $225.
Send me any questions or offers! I may be willing to trade for some sort of Citizen watch, a bronze watch, another chronograph, a Hamilton Khaki or anything similar to an Intramatic.