Isofrane 24mm Straps - black only

4 months ago
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Brisbane, Australia

This is part of my "I just bought a grail so now I have to sell stuff" sale.
Selling off all my spare Isofrane straps, some are used but the ones pictured in the boxes are as new. (I pulled out of a deal with Aquadive and got my deposit back in the form of straps).
The 3 that are out of the boxes show a bit of wear but not too bad.
From the top:
Item 1-24mm Black IN buckle US$85 (as new)
Item 2-24mm Black IN buckle US$85 (as new)
Item 3-SOLD- 22mm Black IN buckle US$85 (as new)
Item 4-SOLD- 22mm Black IN buckle US$85 (as new)
Item 5-SOLD- 22mm Black IN buckle US$85 (as new)
Item 6-SOLD- 22mm Orange IN buckle US$75 (strap shows slight wear)
Item 7-SOLD- 22mm Green RS buckle DLC US$85 (as new)
Item 8-SOLD- 22mm Black RS buckle US$75 (strap as new but buckle shows wear)
Item 9-ONLY ONE LEFT!! -22mm IN buckles (as new - spares) US$10each (with strap purchase)
Item 10- BLACK DLC "IR" buckle available!! )it's been removed from the green strap)
I am happy to negotiate on price if you want multiple straps, also happy to put the DLC buckle on black or orange strap if suits.
Shipping from Australia is included to just about anywhere. Please PM me with any questions.