only: sarb035 box and papers, extra leather strap, ~1 yr old

10 months ago
FS only: sarb035 box and papers, extra leather strap, ~1 yr old
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Good morning, I have a SARB035 for sale. I am selling because I sourced a panda chrono, and I have a new SARB inbound from 2015, which is what I really wanted. Looking for $265 shipped in the states
Watch is in good condition. The case and bracelet show normal desk wear, per the pics. The marks I will highlight are on the lower left lug inside edge (minor) and on the bezel between 4 and 5, very close to the crystal. I took two pics of that, one dead on so you can see what it's like wearing it and another exacerbated for light and angle to show it at the worst.
The extra strap is leather and suits the watch well thanks to the linen stitch and the cream dial.
Watch keeps good time, winds well, and seems true to it's WR. Quick set date works fine.
The only mechanical thing I will highlight is that the date ticks over a little before midnight.
Please feel free to ask questions.
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