RGM 222 with 923 Hamilton movement - VERY rare, restored at RGM, MINT

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RGM 222, with the rarest movement - the famous Hamilton 923.
Roland Murphy started to brilliantly re-purpose these extremely high-grade 10 size Hamilton movements in his 222 series.
There is a lot of information on the RGM website about this model.
And if you Google, "RGM 222" there is a brilliant pictorial review (with the lesser Hamilton 921 calibre)that will pop up.
This particular example has the Hamilton 923 movement - by far the rarest and most high-grade of that series of 10 size movements (917, 945, 921, 923).
Less than 4000 of the 923 movements were ever made (far less than any of the other caliber) and were only used in their top-grade watches.
Ask any knowledgeable watchmaker about the 23 jewel, 10-size Hamilton movements of this period.
It is not a stretch to say that the quality, design, and horological integrity are certainly up to the very top of the Swiss and German standards.
This watch was restored at RGM during the past year, and it was confirmed to me that less than 50 examples of this watch were made with the 923.
Sensibly sized at 41mm, it will come with an RGM box and the warranty papers from the recent service at RGM, plus an OEM RGM blue alligator stap (not on the watch in these pics).
Screw lugs, massive knurled crown, wonderful two-level silvered dial, and (obviously) sapphire crystals front and back.
I had trouble finding the original retail price of this watch, but I seem to remember it was $6500.
There are less than 50 with the Hamilton 923.
This one can be yours for $3750.
I challenge you to find a finer timepiece for this price.
PICTURE: Hamilton 923 movement