. Seiko 7549-7009 aka The Bond Tuna

8 months ago
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Brisbane, Australia

This is part of my "I just bought a grail so now I have to sell stuff" sale.
One for the collectors!!
This is the iconic Seiko 7540-7009 AKA The Bond Tuna or Golden Tuna as worn by Roger Moore in For Your Eyes Only but it more than a movie watch it is the first quartz dive watch and the first quartz Tuna.
I could go on and on about this piece but so much has already been written about it so best you look it up yourselves. This particular piece appears to be one of the early ones from 1979.
I absolutely love this piece and it pains me to pass it on, but such is life. The watch was totally rebuilt by one of Australias very own Seiko Gurus and I bought it directly from him about 6 years ago. At the time I had sourced the NOS bezel from Saudi Arabia (at a phenomenal cost!!) and had him install it for me, I also had a new sapphire Chrystal installed. Recently I took it to Seiko Brisbane to get a new battery and check the seals.
As you can see from the pics there are very few blemished on the watch and most of what you see is dust which is highlighted from the bright studio light. There are heaps of spare parts to get you out of trouble in the unlikely event that you need repairs. Theres a crown, coil, circuit, christal and gaskets all genuine and unused NOS! And of course theres the original, almost never worn strap with golden buckle in near new condition.
Asking US$525 shipped just about anywhere from Australia. Please PM me with any questions.