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Continuing the hemorrhaging of my entire watch collection in pursuit of a a new philosophy ("Buy Less, Do More"), offered here is a BEAUTIFUL example of the rarely seen and often-coveted Sinn EZM10 Testaf pilot's chronograph. 95%+ Mint condition, this watch was purchased in June 2015 from Watchbuys. As such, it is protected by the remaining 3 1/2 years of the 5-year warranty offered by Sinn on this particular EZM series watch. Near perfect condition with zero issues, the EZM will astound you with its design, function and quality. In a world of $9000 steel subs, I am astonished by the genuine innovation and quality of this watch. You will never see another one on anyone's wrist at other than a Sinn GTG, and even then, you probably won't .
The watch includes everything as new: Inner and outer boxes, all links for the super Tegimented titanium bracelet, valid warranty card, EZM10 instruction manual, Testaf pilot's certification certificate, extra Sinn leather strap, Sinn strap changing tool, hex keys for sizing the bracelet, extra spring bars, and a small bottle of Sinn thread locking compound. Full set, just like if you bought it new yourself.
I thought for sure that this was a "forever watch" (sorry James!), but alas, priorities and interests change. This watch, on the bracelet from Watchbuys, retails for $5940.00. The Sinn leather strap is $200'ish, putting this set at just over $6K new. I need to net $3995.00 for the watch. I'll take care of overnight, insured shipping to you. Just to avoid any confusion or disappointment on either end....For the dreamers out there, I won't take $3500 for the watch. Or $3600. Or $3700. You get the idea. It is a fantastic watch, and I've been forthright about what I need to get out of it. I am not making money, only covering my end and getting someone a truly exceptional watch at way less than MSRP.
Photos were taken today. I'm no photographer, but I think they adequately convey the phenomenal condition of the watch. No trade offers please. Would prefer to sell to someone on the forum with feedback commensurate to mine. CONUS only unless I know you. If you need additional photos I'll do my best. If you have questions, please ask. Please, someone buy this quickly and put me out of my misery .
TESTAF certified professional pilot's watch with DIAPAL escapement
Case diameter (mm): 44.0
Case thickness (mm): 15.6
Case lug width (mm): 22
Weight - head only (grams): 95
Case back: Solid
Case finish: Matte
Case metal: Tegimented hardened titanium
Dial color: Black
Front crystal: Sapphire
Escapement: DIAPAL Nanotechnology
TESTAF certified: Yes
Tegimented: Fully
Inert gas: Filled
Sinn calibre: SZ-01
Copper sulphate: Capsule
Movement: Automatic mechanical
Manufacturer's limited warranty: 5 years
Prepare to be blown away - this watch is Sinn's
crowning achievement and features a movement so advanced that only a
very small number are built each month.
As we have traveled the country showing
the Sinn Collection through our Road Shows, the Sinn TESTAF Certified
Professional Pilot's Series has stood out in every city.Background
Lothar Schmidt, Sinn's CEO and owner had
long been disturbed by a lack of technical standards for defining a
"pilot's watch". As an engineer, Mr. Schmidt was fluent in standards for
diver's watches, anti-magnetic watches and the many other technological
standards used to manufacture watches.
A widely used reference for standards is
DIN, or the Deutsches Institut fr Normung (German Institute for
Standardization). Oddly, he discovered there were no DIN standards to
cover pilot's watches where such standards exist for example for diver's
Many watch brands classify their watches
as "professional pilot's watches", but Mr. Schmidt knew that this was a
hollow phrase that had absolutely no substance behind it.
He set out on a journey to encourage the
independent development of a set of standards to which a watch must
conform to be classified a certified pilots watch, and TESTAF was born.
Mr. Schmidt recently spoke with us and indicated that DIN will
adopt the standards set by TESTAF for professional pilots watches. He
expects this action to be taken in the next few years at which time
there will no longer be confusion about what is a true certified
professional pilots watch.
The new Sinn EZM 10 TESTAF DIAPAL was
tested and certified to the "Technical Standard for Pilot's Watches"
(TESTAF) by the Aachen University of Applied Sciences.
This establishes its suitability for
professional use as a pilot's watch, and includes a certificate and the
"TESTAF" quality seal on the dial.Summary of Technologies
The range of technologies also includes
Sinn's Dry Hold technology for greater functional reliability and
freedom from fogging and overall functional reliability at temperatures
45 C and + 80 C.
Take a look at these specs, and we
think you will agree this watch sets a new standard for pilot's watches:Tested and certified to the Technical Standard for Pilot's Watches (TESTAF) by the Aachen University of Applied SciencesSinn SZ-01 calibreCentrally mounted elapsed chronograph handCase made in-house of Tegimented titanium by Sinn's case manufacture in Glashutte, GermanyDehumidifying technology enhances functional reliability and freedom from foggingFunctionally reliable from
45 C up to + 80 CCaptive pilot's bezel with minute ratchetingSapphire crystal glassWater resistant to 200 metersLow pressure resistantDIAPAL oil free escapement with nano-technologyFlush chronograph pusher mountsDual color SuperLuminova5 year limited manufacturer's warranty Additional Background
The Sinn EZM 10 TESTAF is the first
watch worldwide that been tested and certified to the new Technical
Standard for Pilot's Watches (TESTAF). Each watch will be shipped with a
special signed certificate indicating that this watch bears a serial
number which is within the range of those watches approved by TESTAF.
However, Sinn didn't want to make just a
pilot's watch. They also wanted to make the most technologically
advanced Mission Timer (EZM) to date, by including an extensive range of
additional features.
To start, at the heart of this
chronograph is the all new Sinn SZ-01 movement, which features a
center-mounted 60 second stopwatch hand.
This special technical feature yields two benefits: first, 60
minutes are now counted in one sweep of the hand instead of the usual 30
minutes, and second, the minute stop scale covers the entire diameter
of the dial meaning that the measured times can be read off
Additionally, the chronograph hands are luminous, and thus
perfectly visible even in the dark. This function is complemented by an
all-new minute-ratcheting sapphire pilot's bezel, which allows for the
numerals indices and main maker to all be lumed.

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