SOLD. Steinhart Ocean One Bronze Grey Dial on Isofrane

7 months ago
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Brisbane, Australia

This is part of my "I just bought a grail so now I have to sell stuff" sale.
This Steinhart Ocean One Bronze was my trial in the world of bronze but sadly its not for me.
I purchased this just over a year ago and wore it for about a week and then it spent the rest of the time in the drawer. As you can see there is a bit of patina forming which looks absolutely sweet in real life. I've prematurely distressed the bezel insert and de-blinged the caseback. Bezel inserts are easily available from Steinhart if youd like a new one or if you prefer another colour. The leather strap with signed buckle is as new as I have had it on the Isofrane the whole time. It actually looks and feels just perfect in my opinion and am listing it with the watch. The strap also has the more expensive DLC buckle fitted.
The watch itself has ETA movement, sapphire crystal and has the grey dial. I wont list all of this pieces virtues as you probably already know them but if you dont there is plenty of information on the web.
Asking US$415 shipped just about anywhere, thats pretty fair considering the cost of Isofrane and black buckle however I can negotiate if you dont want it included. I have been around here for a while and have bought sold lots times, all with good references. Please let me know if you have any questions.