OT: Rolex Submariner 116610LN (Ceramic Sub)

12 months ago
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I absolutely hate to do this but I just haven't bonded with this amazing watch like I thought I would. I bought this from an AD back in July and have only worn it very sparingly as you can see. Some of the stickers are still on it and I have the rest of them in a little baggy. The watch is in amazing condition and runs like a new Rolex should. It comes with everything you see pictured which includes the full bracelet, warranty card properly filled out, bezel protector, booklets, handtag, etc... The serial number is fully intact, I just covered it up for the sales picture.
I'm letting this amazing piece go for $7350 plus 3% PayPal and I'll take care of the shipping/insurance. Watch will be shipped either the same day or the next business day. Feel free to look at my references as a buyer/seller/trader, and I can provide more references on other forums if needed. The only trades I will consider are for a new condition Speedy Pro or a Tudor Black Bay Black 79220N with the full kit with cash coming my way as well.