Watchbox Blowout - Ultra-Affordable Automatics, Mechanicals, and Quartz - HUGE SALE

9 months ago
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Los Angeles, CA

Ultra-affordable automatics, mechanicals, and quartz for sale today. I am emptying my watchbox, so please no trades.
And please check my recent referrals.
All prices include PP fees, USPS standard shipping, and everything shown in the pictures and descriptions.
Prices are firm.
Keep in mind that Vostok retailers have recently raised their prices, and Russia Post takes anywhere from a month to three months to deliver.From L to R:
Komandirskie 86, Amphibia 670920 Scuba Dude ND, Amphibia 670927 ND, Amphibia 150348 Mod, Amphibia 100824 ND Mod, HMT Vijay mechanical, Raketa 24-hour mechanicalFrom L to R:
Hygge Discus Blue, Projects "Till" Watch, Lew & Huey AcionnaKomandirskie 86
40mm, 20mm lugs, Russian-made automatic 2414a 17 jewel movement, harder to find, very cool retro look.
Comes w/original leather wrist (cheap), a Barton NATO (nice), all papers and box, still under warranty.
(Model 861876)
$60.00Vostok Amphibia Classic 670920 Scuba Dude
41mm, 20mm lugs, Russian-made 2415 automatic movement, 200M WR, screw-down crown.
No date.
Purchased new April 2017, warranty included.
Original rubber strap.
(This has been on WUS Sales Forum as an individual listing, which will be noted.)
$70.00Vostok Amphibia Classic 670927 Diver
41mm, 20mm lugs, Russian-made 2415 automatic movement, 200M WR, screw-down crown.
No date.
Very popular dial.
Purchased new April 2017, warranty included.
Delivered on MiLTAT Perlon dark blue NATO, along w/original rubber strap.
$70.00Vostok Amphibia Classic 150349 Mod
41mm, 22mm lugs, Russian-made 2416 automatic movement, 31-hr PR, anti-shock, 200M WR, date.
Screw-down crown.
Purchased new in May 2017, has warranty.
Watch does have small scratches in two areas on case from bezel replacement.
Current bezel swivels and needs its retention wire replaced (it's not going to fall off, btw).
Mods include the new bezel, display back, Clockwork Synergy blue nylon strap.
All original parts and factory bracelet are included.
$85.00Vostok Amphibia Classic 100824 Modded
41mm, 22mm lugs, Russian-made 2415 automatic movement, 31-hr PR, anti-shock, 200M WR.
Screw-down crown.
No date.
Purchased new in May 2017, under warranty.
Lightly modified w/a display back, and a Clockwork Synergy blue 2-pc perlon strap.
Comes w/original solid caseback and factory bracelet.
$85.00HMT Vijay Mechanical Hand-wind
35mm, 18mm lugs, 41mm L2L, made in India, uses HMT-0231 hand-wind mechanical movement based on Miyota 0201 Caliber, 18k VPH, 17 jewels, shock resistant.
Cool little watch, wears much bigger than its dimensions.
No idea if bracelet is original, but it's not terrible. Don't know how accurate it is, but watch winds and keeps pretty decent time.
Purchased this as NOS from a seller in India, but this looks
Everyone should have an HMT in their collection; now is your chance for a mere ...
$25.00Raketa 24-hour Mechanical Hand Wind
I don't know a lot about this one.
Impulse buy.
It was advertised as NOS, but clearly it's a refurbished model from the 1980s, and condition is so-so.
It has the "CCCP" Cyrillic so it is Soviet era, and it keeps good time.
The inner bezel for the twin time is loose, and the top of the bezel is faded.
I wouldn't use this if keeping dual time was important.
Otherwise, 40mm diameter, 17mm lugs (I know ...), the movement is a Raketa 24-hour caliber 2623.H, and it does indeed move the hour hand only once around the dial every 24-hours.
Case is chrome plated, and it shows in a few spots.
The caseback is stainless steel.
The bracelet isn't bad.
Not original, but has a nice vintage feel after I used Simple Green to clean out the oil and dead skin cells.
This price range on this watch is all over the place, from $50 to $500 depending on condition.
I paid $100 for mine.
For you ...
$50.00Hygge 3012 Discus White Blue
39mm, 9.3mm thick, Japanese quartz movement, stainless steel case, synthetic strap.
I obtained this in 2016, and as you can see from pictures, it has been unworn.
It's an adorable watch and would make great gift.
Wears smaller than its stated 39mm, so maybe unisex?
Can't guarantee status of battery after shipping.
MSRP is $255, on sale it's currently $179, for you, it's ...
$75.00Projects "Till" Watch
40mm, 20mm lugs, brushed stainless steel case, silicone band w/signed buckle, quartz motor.
I purchased this new in 2016, and it has gone unworn.
Current MSRP is $149 to $130, you pay ...
$60.00Lew & Huey Acionna
40mm, 20mm lugs, Miyota caliber 9015 automatic movement, 31-hr PR, 200M WR, display back, date.
Inner bi-directional bezel w/60-minute dial.
Comes with extra leather strap, boxes, papers.
Bracelet is fitted for 7.25-inch wrist; links are in box.
Purchased new in 2017 from Island Watch, still under warranty.
Thanks for checking these out.
Please PM w/any questions.
Also - please make sure you specify which watch you're interested in, and especially with the Vostoks use the model number.
Thanks WUS!