OT Vulcain Cricket Mechanical Alarm Aviator - Dual Time - SS Bracelet - 42mm Case

9 days ago
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Ever wanted a Minute Repeater? Yea, so do I.
Decided it's way to much to spend (as of yet:)? Yea, same here.....
In the vain of the minute repeater, this mechanical alarm from Vulcain uses a similar "anvil" sound system. I find the alarm on a mechanical movement to be an extremely cool feature and I absolutely adore that part of it. The dual time function of the watch, is something that I don't get much use from, and can do without. So, if anyone has a Cricket from Vulcain, and are interested in The dual time I have here I'd be very interested in a trade.The watch certainly has some visual similarities with the JLC Polaris, at a fraction of the price.Price - $1,750 (TV @2k)42mm Case, V10 Alarm Movement (w/ two spring barrels), great condition, small imperfection on the 8:00 marker.