Vulcain Cricket

about 1 year ago
Cliff Helander
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Little River, CA

Here's a classic vintage Vulcain "Cricket" wrist alarm, with its distinctive "chirping" alarm sound, in excellent all original condition! The Vulcain "Cricket" was introduced in 1947, and its unusual mechanical and caseback design quickly drew the attention of the horological world. The Cricket also gained fame as the "Watch Of The Presidents," as each US President since Harry Truman has worn a Cricket alarm. The mechanical design of the Cricket is unique, in that both alarm and time-setting functions each operate off of the main crown at 3:00, dependent upon the position of the alarm crown at 2:00; also, the main crown winds both the alarm function and the movement itself, depending upon which way the crown is wound. If one winds the crown back and forth, it winds both the alarm and time-keeping functions of the watch simultaneously. Here's the details on this all original classic complicated timepiece: VULCAIN (SS "Cricket" Wrist Alarm) - Excellent 33mm signed stainless steel snapback case with inner dust cover and slitted resonating snapdown caseback, dual crowns at 2:00 and 3:00, signed 17 jewel calibre 120 alarm movement, excellent original signed silver satin dial with raised gold arrow markers and even-hour arabic numerals, gold hands and sweep seconds, arrow-tipped alarm-setting hand, dual crowns, genuine Italian handmade alligator strap with stainless steel buckle. The signed stainless steel snapback case on this piece is in excellent condition, and is of unusual design. The movement is covered by a tight snapdown dust cover, which is then capped with a slitted snapdown stainless steel outer caseback, which provides increased resonance for the alarm sound. The outer caseback is signed Vulcain along with the serial number 303000. The silver satin dial is original in excellent condition, and is signed, "Vulcain, Cricket, Switzerland." The signed 17 jewel calibre 120 alarm movement is running fine and keeping excellent time, and the alarm function works as designed (and is loud!). CLASSIC VINTAGE VULCAIN SS "CRICKET" WRIST ALARM IN ALL ORIGINAL CONDITION! Sell for $395 plus shipping ($15 US Delivery or $60 International via Global Express).
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