1960's Waltham 100 Jewel Automatic Watch. $85 shipped

10 months ago
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Up for sale is my 1960's Waltham 100 Jewel automatic wrist watch. No this is not a typo, it really has 100 jewels in it. However only 17 Jewels actually are in use in the movement, the other 83 are simply for show and bragging rights.
This watch was made during the "jewel wars" of the 1960's. The more jewels you had in your movement, the more bragging rights you had. Waltham did not make many of them.
Anyway this watch is a gold filled/stainless steel back cased watch. It looks good for a 50 year old watch. The plating looks good except for a spot on the non crown size where it looks like it was rubbed away (I think the former owner was left handed)
The case, case back and crystal have the wear and tear you would expect from a 50 year old watch. The crystal has some scratches but looks good and you can read the time perfectly.
The case will need a good cleaning as remnants of the former owner are still on the watch.
The watch runs well and winds well both automatically and manually. The crown may or may not be original but it looks good
The watch keeps good time but service is unknown. I have owned the watch for 5 years but have not had it serviced during ownership
I am asking $85 shipped USA Only
Please feel free to send me a PM with any questions