Formula 271 SR1

about 5 years ago
Formula 271 SR1
American Offshore
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I'm going to give this a shot. First off I do not need to sell the boat.
If I don't sell it my Son will get it when I cant boat anymore... Its as nice as the day I bought it, around 04,05? I forget.
It was COMPLETLY re- rigged/overhauled/upgraded, stripped to nothing then built as a new boat by Dick Simon Marine Formula Dealer at a total cost of 65k. It only had 2hrs and we put approx. 160hrs on it. The owner could not pay the dealers bill so we got it.
Its never had any issues at all, just normal maintenance. No rips, smudges, cracks or any real imperfections. We have sat in it and used it tho, beached it once in soft sand otherwise its never seen shore...
Its older (92) the hull stayed the same until 2007 never changed except for the step on the Fastech as far as I know. Side by side in the water with a 2007 and you cant tell what year it is.
It is IMO a 20yr old Formula is better than many boats I see 5yrs old. They are extremely well built boats, with that said they are solid and heavy,
lots of stainless instead of plastic and real glass windshields, race boat NO- awesome classy cruiser that does get up and run hard and very respectably fast for what it is. It loves rough water. I wont sell cheap so it may never sell-- Oh well ITS A LOT OF BOAT STILL FOR THE MONEY and will be around long after others are broken.
Priced at 32k with power and 18k without. Do nothing but get in and go if its bought turnkey... I have looked around at other similar Formulas, Imo im not off base with what this boat is and has on it..
Coast Guard Doc, so no numbers on bow..
Short List: Imco hyd external steering. Drive Shower Bronson labbed S/S prop Offshore Controls stainless Marine full exhaust system Bowtie Block 510 Poker Run Edition Merlin heads and intake Hyd. trim button on controls. Full roller sounds very cackley and runs perfect (have specs) Every nut,bolt, rubber parts interior and paint was replaced. Paint job is gorgeous IMO anyway. Lots of details in the paint. Limo tint glass. Bimini, mooring and full cover, almost new 10 ply tires and new spare as well.. Pump out head (never used by us) and looks brand new, sink, two couches and a nice bed Haylon System Stack cd and head unit Kenwood im thinking- fixed remote from helm Ship to shore radio Extremely heavy duty boxed trailer, Ive never had the boat in salt or even the delta, used at Folsom, Shasta, Oroville and Beryessa. Much more..