Parachute Sea Anchor 10 foot diameter

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Gold Coast, Qld Australia

Force 10 Sea Anchor from Para-anchors Australia - never deployed.
This is sized for a 10.5 meter (35') multihull, or a 10M (33') light displacement monohull, or a 9M (30') heavy displacement monohull (as per manufacturer's website).
Includes 16 mm bridle assembly, launching bag and 100 metres of 16 mm para anchor rode that has the strength and stretch to ensure optimum performance. Para anchor rode is made from double braided nylon with stainless thimbles to ensure an abrasion free connection to your para anchor and bridle. All items with swivels and thimbles attached. Para anchor & bridle are in perfect condition. Rode has been in the water when used for other tasks, but is in good condition.
Para-Anchors Australia manufactures parachute sea anchors to an exacting standard of quality with every stage of construction checked and acknowledged.
● The Para-Anchor is made from high density nylon, brightly coloured for safety in an air search.
● Each radial seam is over-sewn with polyester webbing to absorb the high loads.
● All localised stress points in the canopy are further reinforced with vinyl and webbing inserts.
● The double braid shroud lines are secured to the Para-Anchor through stainless steel eyelets to the base of the swivel, which is unique in design offering a very compact, strong and effective unit.
● Attached at the apex of the canopy is a small segment of stainless steel chain. This, combined with the retrieval system, allows for a very efficient and safe method of deployment.
● The self-deploying bag is permanently attached to the back of the swivel allowing for easy deployment.
Location Gold Coast, Qld Australia
Price $AUS 990 ono. New price was over $2000