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Bounty Motor
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Fallon, Nv. Posts 139

Built a BBC for my boat and was going to keep this around however, every time I do something in my smallish garage I gotta move it. This is the motor that came in my Sanger and it runs great, Included are Bassett long collector headers with water lines and adapter plates, front of engine mount, Magnaflow 1" water pump. I bought the pump with the intent on using it on the big block but theres nothing wrong with my neovane and I already have spare impellers for it. This pump needs an impeller, also it was ground down a bit, I don't know why maybe for clearance issues, its the way I bought it. previous owner just put a longer bolt in it with a nut, structurally its fine and spins freely. The timing cover on this motor has 1 oversize bolt in it for pump mount, it was stripped so I tapped it for 5/16 vice 1/4 bolt. Its a flat tappet motor, small valve heads, I put a slightly different cam and lifters in it last winter to get just a little more grunt out of it. The cam is howards 112141-10. Pulls skiers great. Motor is complete, starter, Dooley 9 qt v drive pan, flywheel, ignition is a summit HEI, holley 700 dbl pumper, the carb is in a box its the one that was on this motor when I bought the boat, I put a 750 vac secondary on it last year and that carb is on my Big block. No pto or flywheel end mount. I'm not interested in selling anything separately, all or nothing, not interested in any trade other than partial trade on a set of BBC low profile SS style headers, and a SS style scoop like the ones that mouzer sells. Shipping is out of the question I live 60 miles east of Reno in Fallon Nv. I think 2000.00 is fair but am open to realistic offers. Sorry for the long winded post just trying to cover everything in the interest of full disclosure.