Fireboy-Xintex MA2-475 auto/manual fire extinguisher system

about 5 years ago
Fireboy-Xintex MA2-475 auto/manual fire extinguisher system
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I just removed my Fireboy-Xintex MA2-475 halon fire extinguisher - tank, pressure sensor, 3' manual cable and fittings, cabinet label/instruction, automatic engine and engine room fan shutoff control box, override switch with idiot lights, alarm, and bulkhead mounting system.
The cable can be replaced with a longer one if needed.
The system was made in 1997 and last inspected in 2008 (hydrotested per tag).
This particular size is no longer made as they now offer only a 450 or 500.
I believe the size is the volume of the compartment that it will cover.
There are a couple of small places where paint has chipped off (see pics) but I think the tank is still in good shape and could be recertified easily.
The mounting system is robust all stainless.
It does not have a plate under the tank.
It is very secure when mounted.
The automatic engine (two engine capable or engine plus genset) and fan shutoff control box is turned on when the halon tank discharges (pressure switch) either from heat at the tank or by the manual pull cable.
When wired correctly, the system will turn off the fuel solenoid for the engine(s) and turn off the engine room fans.
The standard Fireboy override switch will enable engine restart after discharge.
There is an alarm as well.
A new MA2-450 is well over $1000 and the automatic shutoff is an additional $300.
I am selling this older system in good condition for $300.
It is in Anacortes, WA, and I don't want to try and ship the tank so that would have to be picked up or shipped by other arrangements.
The tank is full (as shown on the gauge).
The tank weight is about 28 lbs.