P100 Flat Bottom

over 4 years ago
P100 Flat Bottom
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Attached are some pictures of a Retired P100 record holder which I have put up for sale. 15'
I bought it out of Portland, OR, end of the 80s and they retired the hull as it was getting too heavy for racing.
If I remember correctly, it won record holder at 123 mph.
It is a project with most all the parts there except a 2 speed power glide transmission.
No engine. It includes the wet exhaust system and several gauges & parts.
It is designed to just be a nice boat that will get a lot of looks as it is very wild lookingmass amounts of steam at will.
It is now stored at our shops in California City.
If someone in your club is interested in it, they are welcome to come look at it.
It will be sad to let it go, but someone needs to finish it and enjoy the fun.
Cash Only asking $4,500.
It has a shop cradle, no trailer.
I would sure like to see it in the water when it is finished.
I also have a 454 balanced 8:1 sport engine, over-V drive and reverse gear, set up for regular fuel, if interested.
Please call with further questions at 760-284-2905.
Thank you.
Michael Sellard