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Collapsible Mast Climbing Gear $150.00
Like New Total New Cost for all shown Gear - $312.00 (52% discount)
Located in Sebastian FL USA
1) Black Diamond Bod Harness is a versatile and comfortable unisex harness that features a fleece-padded waistbelt with a traditional buckle, supportive back straps, and quick-release leg loops constructed with durable nylon webbing. . Costs $50.00 New
2) (2) twist lock carabineers - New $21 each. Two for $42.
3) (2) Petzl Right Ascenders. Designed for powerful and efficient ascending of a rope, the Ascension Right Ascender has a overmolded grip and ergonomic upper part for a comfortable hold while pulling with 1 or 2 hands. Ergonomic molded handle allows a comfortable yet powerful grip. Wide opening allows the handle to be easily grasped, even with thick gloves. Ergonomic upper part maximizes power when pulling with 2 hands. Safety catch is totally integrated into the body of the ascender to help prevent snagging. Toothed cam with self-cleaning slot optimizes the performance under any conditions, including wet or dirty ropes.
New $85 each Two for $170.00
4) Mast Mate collapsible alternating-step flexible ladder. Made of 2 inch-wide nylon webbing. The sewn tensile strength of the webbing is 3,000 pounds. The distance between the 5 alternating steps is 17 inches. The steps are double reinforced with the same webbing. The steps are not sewn on to a main strap, but rather are formed by two continuous parallel straps of webbing, one sewn to form the step, the other straight, and visa versa, over the length of the ladder. Thus the Mast Mate is one contiguous unit. A No. 3 spur grommet is attached between each step, (25 grommets for the 35-foot and 36 grommets for the 50-foot). A stout D ring is affixed at the top for halyard connection. Mast Mate is raised only when needed. It is hoisted just as is the mainsail. If the particular track or slot system has a gate, Mast Mate is fed in above the lowered main; otherwise, the main must be taken off the track or slot. A downhaul is recommended, but the weight of the climber will take the slack out of the system. New cost is $50.00

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