1995 Luhrs 32 convertible.. Project!!

almost 7 years ago
1995 Luhrs 32 convertible.. Project!!
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south Florida

Here the story, so I ran into this boat yesterday. A good friend of mine was telling me about how his buddy wanted to get rid of a project he had gotten before.. He painted the hull with awl grip. The boat is gonna need work, the engines are there the hull is in good shape! For what I hear is that it sunk before. It looks like it would be a nice boat if someone was to take in the project. He has it at a storage and if you were to buy boat the owner of the yard told me yesterday when i went to look that one may have to pay like 300 towards storage to get it out. Here is the deal its not my boat but I did see it and I know how u can get it all I want is 500 for the lead if you do end up buying it.. I would live to buy it but its too big and too much of a project for me. So I figured I can pass this on to someone on here..
From what my friend told me the guy will take 3000 for the boat.
No it will not come with the trailer... U won't find it advertised anywhere..
The boat is located in south Florida...
Here is a couple of pics I took and I can try to stop by later today or tomorrow to take some more..