Iridium 9500 Satellite Phone with Data Kit, Puck Antenna, and Accessories $450

about 6 years ago
Iridium 9500 Satellite Phone with Data Kit, Puck Antenna, and Accessories $450
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I recently listed this on EBay, and figured I may as well post it here on CF as well. Asking $450 plus $15 shipping. I came to the realization, sadly, that with my kids in high school now, and both of us still working, we likely won't be doing any long voyages for at least 5 or 6 more years.
Iridium 9500 Satellite Phone with Full Data Kit, 3.5" External Puck Antenna, and Accessories
You can make calls and receive e-mails anywhere in the world with this setup. We used it on our sailboat for a trip to the Bahamas four years ago, but we don?t need it anymore. Hope it can go on to serve other voyagers again.
The phone has a crack in the rear of its plastic body, but I just patched it over with Gorilla Tape and it all works fine.
Included items:
--Iridium 9500 phone in good working condition. (You will need to buy a SIM card with Iridium airtime.)
--External puck antenna with 16-foot cable and antenna adapter. (I recall that there were two sizes of puck available and we bought the bigger one, 3.5? diameter. We always had great reception and never dropped calls.)
--Iridium data adapter
--USB-serial adapter (Tripp-Lite USA-19HS ? the good one that actually works with Iridium! It took me three tries before I found the right one. The original Iridium data adapter only has a serial connection, which most newer computers don?t have. This USB-serial adapter allows you to plug the phone into your computer?s USB port.)
--Serial cable to connect data adapter and USB adapter
--USB cable to connect from USB adapter to computer
[See second photo below for the layout of how to hook it all up. Laptop computer not included!]
--Two batteries. (One battery came with the phone when I bought it used four years ago; the other I bought new four years ago. They saw active use for a few months and then have been in storage in our attic ever since. I?m not sure if they?ll still hold a good charge, so to be on the safe side you should plan to buy a new battery.)
--12V charger
--110V wall charger
--Driver software for phone and for serial adapter (This all worked on our older XP laptop; if you?re using Win7 or Win8 or a Mac, just check online to be sure everything is compatible; or to find a newer download that will work with your OS.)
--Eastport carrying bag, with various Iridium instruction papers inside.

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