Garmin GNX Wireless Wind Pack (Garmin p/n: 010-01616-10)

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This package includes the gWind Wireless 2 Transducer and GNX Wind Instrument.
This is an almost-new wireless wind package, installed on my boat for 3 weeks and then replaced with the Garmin wired wind system. My (mast) height is my loss and your gain. Garmin specifies a maximum mast height of 50 feet, and theyre pretty much right on the money. My 52 tall mast was just a tad too tall for reliable communication between the transducer and the GNX instrument. So this package was removed and replaced with Garmins NMEA 2000 (N2K) wired wind package. In fact this package will be shipped in Garmins original packaging for the wired wind system (so dont be fooled by the label on the outside).
Exact specifics of the installation and removal are as follows:
Transducer: The supplied battery was installed and the transducer placed in the existing masthead mount (the previous wind transducer was Silva/Nexus, and the mounts are identical). Therefore the mount and screws youll receive are unused. After testing and finding communication between transducer and display to be intermittent (and confirmed with low RSSI readings), the transducer was taken down and the battery removed. The transducer will be shipped with the battery removed as it is from the factory. The rotor will also be packaged separately as Garmin does for the wired version of this transducer.
GNX Display: Flush mount installed per Garmins instructions. That means the supplied gasket and screws were used, but are included and are in like-new condition. The gasket does not have adhesive and so isnt damaged in any way. The display remained installed for an additional 3 weeks while we used it with the wired transducer. Because the Garmin wired transducer is compatible with our previous Nexus (Silva) wind display, we elected to go back to using the Nexus display and sell the entire wireless package.
You can see the transducer and GNX display in action here:
Also included is a 6 N2K drop/backbone cable and an N2K tee. The GNX instrument takes its power from the N2K network, so if you dont have a N2K network you will need to separately purchase an N2K power cable, an additional tee, and a pair (male/female) of terminators. Along with a backbone cable these components are often packaged together as an N2K Starter Kit.
Selling for $799 ($100 less than new) plus whatever UPS charges to ship (Email if youd like me to quote shipping). Insurance recommended, but at your option. Paypal only, shipped to the Paypal confirmed address.
If it helps your decision, Im dougs1 on ebay with a feedback score of 157, 100% positive feedback.
Thanks for your interest!