SpinTech Complete Furler EX cond

almost 5 years ago
SpinTech Complete Furler EX cond
Jon Neely
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Berkeley Marina

Selling out Spin Tech Roller Furling, true roller reefing system. The Spin Tech was introduced right at the start of the rescission in 2007 and sadly due to the collapse forced them out of business, but the patent owner still sells parts for the units. The great thing about this unit is that it has no sealed bearings and no secondary moving parts. It swivels on the forestay on 4 delirin bushings in which I have spares for but have never needed to replace. We used this unit offshore and it worked great, having an oversized and non shrouded drum it make jamming impossible. We are going back to hank on due to our genoa that lived on the furling is needing some serious repair and we have an entire set of hank on working jibs to use. This is coming off a Hans Christian 33 overall length of shroud inside the foil is 46' 1/2'' from thread end to eye center or 46' 1'' from tip to tip. I have all the original literature on the SpinTech. It has very heavy duty dual foils. Foils are in great shape and have no bends. This should be near the same length as Westsail 32, Toshiba 34 and baba 35s or any other boat with a forestay of 46'. if the shroud length is not perfect for you boat you will have to cut it and mechanically swage new fitting. Asking 500 for the furler that is EX condition just because I need to get it off the dock. These furlers went for $2-3000 new and if you are thinking about fitting a new furler give this one a look. Pick up will need to be from the dock with you boat of a LONG trailer. Foils on this furler are pressed and epoxied together so reducing on lengthening is out. The 130% Genoa that was on is in fair shape, cloth is actually in really good shape but stitching along leech are needing to be restiched. Sadly our steaming light caught the leech line and mid tack managed to rip the line out of 60% of the sail. Heavy UK sail of 9oz. Would probably cost $500 to repair but would give you a long life after that. Asking $400 for the sail or $800 for the whole package. 5/8'' Stud with 5/8'' Pin on top. Here in Berkeley Marina if you want to come take a look. 5 Five 9- Two 8 Three- 0 Three 5 Seven