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Pro Sport
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St Pete, Florida

For sale: 1997 Pro Sport 21? 9? Center Console boat with magic tilt trailer. Has a 1998 C150 Yamaha pre mix motor with Stainless prop, 85 gallon tank, built in live well, bow cushions, wash down pump, T-bag under top, VHF and AM/FM stereo, canvas T-top and hydraulic steering. Not sure of engine hours but yearly replacement of filters-plugs-water pumps have been done by me. Boat is solid but it is a 1997 so it does have some wear as expected. I have re wired some of the boat and added a 3rd independent battery inside the console that runs the live well and electronics and have two batteries in the rear, all batteries have switches. New bilge pump-float switch-live well pump. Yes the boat name will be removed by me before it?s sold. Been a great boat but now that my Dusky is done there?s no need for it. I will use the sale funds to build me a custom Epic 17 that matches the Dusky colors. I think it?s priced for a quick sale as I know a couple trailer supports need to be replaced. She will be cleaned up and I can have it at my shop if anyone wants to see her. Transducer and all the GPS pucks and wiring are not included in the sale. This boat been good to me for sure. Asking $6500
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is my email address. Boat is located in St Petersburg/Pinellas Park, Florida