PNW partial ownership/sailing school idea

almost 7 years ago
PNW partial ownership/sailing school idea
San Juan
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I am looking for people who want to participate in a sailing/cruising school boat ownership.
Learn to sail and go cruising, business opp
I am a past ASA sailing instructor and current US Sailing instructor with over 35 years of marine experience in racing, deliveries, maintenance, fishing, and running sailboat races.
Looking to develop a sailing school here in Portland based on a 40 foot sailboat. Would teach beginning, intermediate, and advanced sailing classes along with coastal cruising and san juan cruising. Owners in the boat would get free instruction, and use of the boat out on the columbia river and up in the san juan islands. As a part owner you would learn a great deal during this ownership process from me a long time mariner.
If I am able to get some interest and capital I would look into getting a 40 foot boat and my captains license. Would create a website that all the owners would have access to and a schedule book would be implemented showing lesson times, and availability of the boat.
Lets go sailing