17'6" 7/8 runner bottom MAKE OFFER

over 4 years ago
17'6" 7/8 runner bottom MAKE OFFER
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I am selling a 17'6" Graff runner bottom. The boat has has all hardware, fuel tanks, 2 drive lines one from Crank and one for 2 speed tranny, 1" prop shaft and prop. It basically has everything except the 10* Vdrive and seats but does have the stringer seat brackets. I was told from the boat builders grandson that there was only 6 built and this is number 2, i believe that since the hull # says GFT2222. I also have a copy of the original bill of sale dating back to August 23 1980 but the Pink says its a 1978. I was also told that the boat is a 2 piece hull some say top is super Sanger some say T deck who knows, all i know if i just bought a Hallet bubble deck and i don't want or need this boat so Make offer.