83 25 ft Whaler Outrage and Trailer PHOTOS ADDED

over 7 years ago
83 25 ft Whaler Outrage and Trailer PHOTOS ADDED
Sea Lion
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Sarasota Florida

Boat/Trailer located in Sarasota FL
Okay guys, here's the story. A friend of mine bought this 25 foot outrage cuddy brand new in 1984. It came with a single 25 inch 235 horse Evinrude. It has two 70 gallon tanks, which took him offshore, but it wasn't perfect. So, when that motor got tired, he had a high strength alloy L plate made for it, and he hung two Johnson 150 2 strokes on it. By using a large plate he could use 25 inch shafts on the twins, helping keep big seas out of the back of the boat.
We used it to run 90 miles off the coast of Long Island and NJ for many years. When the Johnson 150's finally gave up the ghost, we put a pair of 2003 Suzuki140 4 strokes on it. We also cut the cuddy cabin out of it, and just started making marine plywood center consoles for it. Why? Because we never used the cuddy for anything but storing too much junk and it took up a good 6+ feet of the boat. We wanted the walk around space more than the cuddy.
This has been quite a battle axe for us. I can't tell you how many nights we spent in the canyons on it, but i wouldn't be surprised if it was 80 or more over the years. It has seen some awful big water over those years and it always got us home, every time.
Tim was getting pretty old, failing in health and I purchased the boat from him in 2009. I dragged it down to Florida where it sits today. I had two NEW aluminum gas tanks made in 2010, along with new fill hose, fuel line and selector switch. I also had them put down a new floor and paint it with that insane anti skid "tuff coat". I didn't have much use for the little leaning post that was there for a zillion years and I put in a leaning post/livewell from a new 29 foot Yellowfin. The livewell is NOT PLUMBED.
I never liked the weight of the 2 Suzy 140's on this boat, and I purchased a brand new 30 inch suzuki 300. That's when my life went a bit haywire, and the boat almost never got used. Over the last year I've sold the 300, and some of the odds and ends we had on the boat. But now it's clear, after my last bout of blood clots in the lungs, I just want to sell it.
So, here's what I'm selling. I have an 83 25ft whaler hull with new tanks, and a few floor. In fact since the tanks were made, it's never had gas in it. It sits on a 2008 Sea Lion Aluminum trailer with one axle brakes that actually work.
I want 5,000 pretty firm for the boat and trailer.
Now... I have a Furuno Vx2 mounted in the console. It is attached to the BFF1 analog depth finder module, and there's an Airmar b-260 tilt angle transducer mounted in the hull. I also have a 24 inch radome for the system that has about 9 hours of run time on it. At some point I was going to add a Tee top and mount that, but health stopped that plan. Now..The transducer can't be removed, but the Vx2 and the depth module can. So, if you want the boat and trailer WITH all the the Furuno stuff, I want 7,000.
So, that's basically it folks. With the way we have that Angle bracket set up, you can go with 2 25inch twins, or 1 30 inch single. Remove the bracket and you can use a single 25 inch. the bottom has about 20 layers of old paint I was just starting to remove when my health decided that wasn't going to happen. This boat is massively strong. There's not a weak spot or flex anywhere, it's like a rock.
The boat is in Sarasota Florida
Is it pretty? Heck no. But where can you get a 25 foot battle wagon, with new fuel tanks, and a perfect aluminum trailer for 5 grand? Or loaded with Furuno stuff for 7? Nowhere.
What does it need? Not much. There's already a brand new hydraulic helm unit on the boat, with two brand new hydraulic hoses on the boat. It will need 2 batteries, a switch and some battery cable. A fuel/water filter separator and a motor. That's it. Oh and some new bottom paint, or the elbow grease to remove what's there.
If you're interested email me, Bob.. at
[email protected]
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