Navico Wheel Pilot 5000 plus lots of extras

almost 2 years ago
Navico Wheel Pilot 5000 plus lots of extras
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Silver Spring, MD

Selling a Navico Wheel Pilot 5000 (WP5000) plus a bunch of extras:
One complete working base unit, includes the control head and motor, wheel attachment and two drive belts (one large and one small).
One non-working base unit.
One Hand Programmer 5000 (HP5000 aka wired remote control) - carry the programmer with you to the mast, and control the helm from there - surprisingly useful.
One Wind Vane attachment
One Junction Box (JB5000 aka "computer"), including all the wiring. This allows you to interface the wheel pilot with an NMEA0183 GPS to get course information, it also lets you have both the hand programmer and the wind vane attached at the same time (the base wheel pilot only allows one or the other and no NMEA interface).
Manuals for everything except the wind vane (which is pretty self-explanatory, especially as it's covered pretty well in the wheel pilot and junction box manuals).
Location: Silver Spring, MD
Price: $500 obo - buyer pays shipping
Story: I bought the complete package (used) several years ago, and only ever installed the head unit and the hand programmer. Then the head unit/motor died on me, so I got a working replacement.
You get both the working and the non-working head unit and motor - an enterprising person may be able to repair the non-working unit (it's a pretty basic circuit board) and then sell it or keep it as a spare.
The junction box and wind vane were sold to me as fully functional, I've never installed them, so I can't actually vouch for them, other than to comment on their appearance: the junction box looks like it was never installed - it even came in the original plastic bag (it was open - I got rid of the plastic, but kept the cardboard bag top); the wind vane looks like the tail got broken and glued back together, but it seems like it was a solid repair.
I sold the boat I was going to install everything on, and the new boat has a tiller rather than wheel, so...

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