Cruising Solutions "Marriage Saver" Headsets, two way, hands free communication

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Cruising Solutions "Marriage Saver" Headsets, two way, hands free communication
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Marriage Saver Headsets by Cruising Solutions
Marriage Saver Headsets are just like cordless telephones.
You can both talk and hear at the same time so there will no more yelling or missed communication during anchoring, mooring or working up the mast.
Once turned on, they are on full-time, making them hands-free so you can focus on other things.
A single 9-volt battery snaps into the right-side of each headset so there are no external wires or belt-packs.
Please note that you will only hear from the left.
You can set the volume on low or high and the headband is adjustable.
Uses include:
Fore Deck to Helm
Deck to Mast Head
Nav Station to Helm
Engine room to Helm
The effective range is 50 to 70 feet although they are rated at 300 feet.
For best reception, the antenna should be fully extended but may be tucked in to prevent contact with things like forestay or spreaders that may want to knock the headsets off.
The microphone has a foam wind guard to reduce wind interference.
Speak in a normal tone with the mouth piece about 2″ (5cm) from your mouth and your conversation will be one to one as though you are facing each other in the cockpit.
If you are near a radio tower, you may hear some musical interference, but your conversation is still clear.
Included are:
two headsets
carrying case
instruction manual
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