Pair of Sena 'Marriage Savers'

5 months ago
Steve O
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I am selling a pair of "SPH10-10" Bluetooth Headsets (Sena) from Cruising Solutions. We found them invaluable and used them on a recent 8 month cruise. We have sold the boat and no longer need them. They are in mint condition.
I am asking $180 (US) or $250 (Cdn) for a pair with over a year warranty left. Includes unused ear pads and wind suppressors for mic
HALF PRICE. These sell new for $179 (US) or $250 (Cdn) each - This is a pair (2) headsets being sold (new retail $358 US or $500 Cdn)
FeaturesCompletely wireless (no cumbersome antenna or belt-pack)
Full multiplex (up to 4-person team conferencing)
Full time (no voice activation delay or buttons to push)
Hands free (including voice-control cell phone operation)
Answer, dial, share or reject cell-phone conversations
Rechargeable Lithium battery (10 hrs talk-time, 7 days standby)
Bluetooth transmissions (eliminate interference from other headsets)
Water resistant
Range up to 900 meters (line of sight-transmitting through bulkheads or metal surfaces will reduce effective range)
Comfortable, secure, attractive appearance
Easy programming and operation