Rocna - Original Galvanized Steel Anchor - 73 Lbs

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Rocna - Original Galvanized Steel Anchor - 73 Lbs
Approximate Boat Length: 39 to 72 Feet
Weight: 73 Lbs (33 kg)
Material: Galvanized Steel, Roll Bar Helps with Quick Setting
Lighty used, as NEW condition
Introducing the Rocna, the ultimate solution to your vessel's anchoring needs. A Rocna always attains its correct setting attitude for quick penetration, regardless of how it hits the bottom. It digs straight in, offers superior holding-power, and will not easily trip out on load reversal. Rocna represents the best in safety, security, and dependability.
Instant set
The roll-bar ensures that it always lands on the ideal angle for penetration, plus reinforces the blade for massive strength.
Setting skids elevate the heel and correctly direct the tip, for reliable setting in soft seabeds.
The shank is high tensile steel, and designed so the anchor self-launches.
Rock solid holding power
Of all anchor types, a concave blade gives the greatest resistance, and through clever design Rocna provides the largest blade area possible. The result - massive holding power.
Resistant to wind and tide shifts
The sharp chisel tip combines with a very high weight on tip (average of 33%), which ensures an instant reliable set with every use. No lead in the tip and no dragging is also environmentally friendly.
Lifetime Warranty
The Rocna Anchors lifetime warranty has been expanded to include bending or deformation, in addition to breakage. It applies to the lifetime of the original purchaser, when the anchor is sized appropriately for the boat using Rocna's sizing recommendations. Many companies warranty against breakage, but Rocna Anchors is so confident in the Rocna's rugged design that they warranty against manufacturing defects and bending. An anchor is vital piece of safety equipment, and Rocna gives their customers the peace of mind that their Rocna will perform as promised.
Dedicated attachment points for:
Buoyed retrieval line
Tandem anchor
Securing to the bow
Must pick up locally or pay for shipping
Asking $590

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