1975 Spectra V-drive with a Blown 572

9 months ago
1975 Spectra V-drive with a Blown 572
South Coast
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Yes, the Spectra is for sale. I would like to get $26,000 for it. I purchased the boat in 2013 in pieces with the intent to rebuild it and run it between Lake Havasu and Needles but I was in a bad car accident which set back the rebuild. This is not a fire sale and if it doesnt sale I will eventually run it when my back is better. At this time, I just dont want it to sit when it should be back on the river. There are a lot of up-grades and the trans and engine are fresh.
1975 V-drive Spectra: The boat was completely re-rigged and the engine was rebuilt by Jim Lange of Hi Tech Marine in 2008. The original strut was replaced with a custom fabricated steel drop thru strut with strut braces. He also fabricated custom rails and motor plates. The V-drive was relocated replacing the original Champion V-drive with a rebuilt 12* Casale split case. Currently, the V-drive has 37% gears. A Turbo 400 Transmission was added. The prop shaft was replaced with a new A22 prop shaft along with a new Menkens 11
x 16 prop. The current rudder was built by Spd Ltd. Originally the boat didnt have cavitation plates so he added a new mechanical cavitation assembly with override.
In 2009 the bottom of the boat was blue printed. In 2011 the polished and ceramic coated Imco tanks, Calgo steering system with a 9 post were added. In the 2011 the floor and bulkhead was completely rebuilt. The bucket seats were built by West Coast Marine Interiors. I spoke with Danny at WCMI and a rear bench can be added for $900.
Blown 572 Chevy: The engine was originally built by Dan Douglas of GS Marine. Jim Lange rebuilt the engine in 2008. The engine was dynoed at Westec in 2002 and it made 903 HP with 5.3 PSI @ 6,000 RPM's. It was then dynoed again in 2004 and it made 989 HP at 6.5 PSI @ 6,000 RPM's. The block is a Merlin ll CNC Block 4.5 bore with a 4.5 stroke. The original machine work was done by Dougans Engine & Machine. The engine has bronze lifter bore sleeves, a new Straub cam, recently rebuilt 1250 Gary Williams Carbs. The 10-71 Blower was serviced and rebuilt in 2011 by The Blower Shop (Top Pulley for Blower
5.9 diameter and bottom pulley for blower 5.7 which is 3% under driven) with a 16 rib blower belt. The engine has a new Pro Race balancer, New Meziere flexplate, Teague Supper Chiller, Dart Aluminum 355 CNC Heads 121 cc, New Cloyes Hex-A-Just Timing Set, Manley Severe Duty Valves, Dooley Oil Pan, JE Custom Blower Pistons, Manley H Beam Rods, Crane Roller Lifters, Crower Roller Rockers, Billet Crower Crank 4340, Lightning BB Chevy Big Tube Headers 2.25, Mallory Comp High Efficiency 500 Series Fuel Filter, Mallory Comp Pump Series 140 Electric Fuel Pump, Jabsco Marine Water Pump with new impellor, Imco Water Pump Bracket, recently rebuilt Mallory Marine alternator, MSD 6M-2 Marine Ignition, MSD Rev Limiter with 6,400 chip, Tilton Starter, New MSD Ignition Coil, New MSD Cap New MSD Wires, MSD Marine Pro-Billet Distributor, New Hughes Performance Direct Drive, New Dana Oil Drain Kit.
The following is some of the work that I had done to it. There is only about an hour of testing time on the boat since I purchased it and had it rebuilt.
Scott Schatz of S&S Performance and Marine inspected the boats rigging for reliability and safety. He checked the shaft for proper alignment, added an additional safety collar to the rudder, blended the bottom, added speed coat to the bottom, had the transmission rebuilt, installed the Hughes Performance Direct Drive, Turbo 400 transmission, wired the engine, tuned the engine and built the Blast Plate for the bottom of the boat. The Turbo 400 is fresh and was rebuilt using Raybestos Red Clutches. They also added a TCI Valve Body with Reverse Order Shift Pattern: Park-Reverse-Neutral-First-Second-Third.
The engine is fresh and was rebuilt for me by Lew Larson. He had the engine changed from external balanced on the rear and internal balance on the front to an all internally balanced engine. It was balanced with three spare pistons so if the engine ever needs a new piston there are three available. Clevite bearings were used for main and rods. SLP rings. Fel-Pro head gaskets. The static compression is currently 8.4 to 1 with a final/effective compression of 12.4. This set-up is about 7 PSI which should be over 1,000 HP. The boat comes with a spare 5.2 pulley that if run on the bottom will make the engine more pump gas friendly with a final/effective compression of 11.3. This set-up is about 5 PSI. If you want to turn it up run some race gas and the 5.2 pulley on the top. This set-up is about 9 PSI which should be over 1,100 HP. All of the machine work was completed by JMS Racing. The head were pressure tested and resurfaced .003. The intake was resurfaced .080, the block was pressure checked and decked .006. JMS Racing also did the valve job and took the o-rings out of the block. The carbs were rebuilt and are fresh. The crank was machined for an additional
keyway 180* from stock location.
The trailer was gone through by Arrow Trailer. The rear axle was replaced with idler hubs and all the bearings were serviced. The tires are new Carlisle Radial Trail RH.