almost 6 years ago
Southern Cross
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There are 12 stanchions and two stern rails ( I bought them for a canoe stern boat). Fittings for two gates with braces. The stanchions are 31" high with bases and caps, 1" in diam, heavy walled SS. Bases have SS back up plates for under the deck and are canted a few degrees to offset deck camber. There are rings to be attached half way down the stanchion for the lower wire. The set includes all compression fittings, end fittings, pelican hooks, gate braces, etc. to attach the wire and make the 2 gates. You can make custom wire lengths yourself and use the fittings for a strong professional look. I believe the wire itself is 3/16 and NOT 1/8". It is plastic coated. The OD for the wire is 5/16. The wire is dirty from being in my basement for many years but it can be cleaned with a wipe. I bought enough wire for double lines on a 32' Southern Cross, 32' LOA. Some of the pieces show a little tarnish but they can easily be buffed out. None of this has ever been used. Back in the 1980s, I bought this for a boat build which I never completed. Make an offer.