Soverel 33 - performance sailboat

about 7 years ago
Soverel 33 - performance sailboat
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Looking for the ideal boat for SoCal? Here it is! Ask anyone who knows their boats, the Soverel 33 is a fast, fun and surprisingly comfortable boat that excels in light winds (and also is a blast when it picks up). She day sails at 8 knots easily and will surf at 15+ when the wind picks up. Yet for an ULDB she's surprisingly easy to sail and very comfortable. This particular boat was the only one built with the "Grand Touring" interior, so is not only prettier on the inside, but also more comfortable and works very nicely for trips to Catalina or up the coast. I also have a full inventory of good sails, a new tiller pilot, new 12v refrigeration, and lots of other upgrades. Visit the class association website ( Soverel 33 - Home Page ) if you're not familiar with this boat. I'm moving up to a bigger boat so am motivated to see her find a new owner. If you are looking for a boat in this size range, you owe yourself a look. Asking price: $24,900.00
Soverel 33 - Hull #69 - "NAKOLO"
(formerly "Pretender")
Length Overall: 33' 0”
Length at Water Line: 30' 6”
Beam: 11'
Draft: 5' 10”
Displacement: 6,300 pounds
Ballast: 2,800 pounds
Engine: 9 hp Yanmar
Fuel Capacity: 9 gallons (I have a 2nd 9 gallon tank that wasn't installed)
Potable Water Capacity: 5 gallons
Estimated Speed: 8 knots (top speed for me was 15 knots)
Year Built: 1985 (1986 Model Year)
Builder: Soverel Marine Inc.
PHRF Rating: 96

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