Echotec Reverse Osmosic Watermaker pump and motor

about 3 years ago
Echotec Reverse Osmosic Watermaker pump and motor
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Echotec modular series DC 260-DML-1 parts: high pressure pump (GP) and 12vdc motor. If you add the membrane and gauges, you will have a working system..
The high pressure pump was just completely overhauled and runs perfectly.
The motor looks perfectly fine but it sometimes take a few taps before it starts??? Not sure what causes this
brushes looks fine
when it finally starts, it runs fine!
Being fed up of having this temperamental motor, I decided to get a different motor and pump assembly from Echotec (the model where the motor runs the pump with a belt).
What I sell is the system with hydraulic direct drive (no belt).
Will take US$ 495 for it, you pay the shipping from the Philippines where I am now. Everything is perfectly crated for transport. Just the cost new of the high-pressure pump is about US$1,200.
This pump was run about 500 Hrs in the last 4 years but was completely serviced with a new seal kit recently and has been only run about 1h since then! . If you want the motor, I give it to you for free .. perhaps you can fix it?? If you have a similar system, the price is more than worth it just for a spare hi-pressure pump. If you are building a whole system from scratch, this will save you lots of money over getting similar new parts.

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