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BBC 9.8 Pro-Filer Tunnel Ram Hi, I have a very nice stock (No port work) BBC 9.8 deck Pro-Filer tunnel ram with top plate for two dom (4500) style carbs with a new silver powder coating. It has very little run time and is in new condition also has HVH carb spacers with new ARP studs ready to go. (New tunnel ram $885. Top Pl...
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Props Hi, I have some props that I am not using and would like to sell. The list is below in order of the prop lay out in the picture from left to right. 1. Precision Hydro prop 1 1/8 shaft 11 1/4 X 17 and came with my Kurtis I never ran this prop $300.00 OBO + the ride 2. Menkens Flat Bottom prop ...
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BBC Solid Roller Cams Hi, I have two BBC solid roller cams as one was installed but never ran and the other one is used. The cam cards are below for review and PM me to work out the detail as I am asking $200 OBO for the new one and $150 for the used one. Thanks
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D21 Shaft seals & other Parts Hi, I have some parts for sale that I don't need anymore and the list is below. 1. New D21 1 1/8 shaft seal polished ready to go $90.00 OBO + the ride 2. Used D21 1 1/8 shaft seal $60.00 OBO + the ride 3. Used D21 1 inch shaft seal $50.00 OBO + the ride 4. New System One fuel filter 8 an sti...
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Casale Gears Hi, I have a set of Casale left hand 10 29 STD gears in good shape for sale $275.00 + the ride
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Jones Tach Package Hi, I have everything needed to run this Jones tach as I just removed it from White Trash over the weekend. It has the tach also the cable as well as a polished drive setup from the top of a Casale split case. I am asking $450.00 OBO + the ride
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Enderle Quick Release pump Extension Hi, I have a almost new Quick Release 6in Enderle fuel pump extension that was mounted on my motor but was too long for my flat. These sell for $171.99 new and I am asking $125.00 OBO as it is as good as new with no issues at all. Please PM me Thanks
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Fiberglass Scoop Hi, I have a very nice fiberglass scoop for sale with cover and the tray set up for two DOM carbs. I am asking $300.00 OBO + the ride PM me so we can work out the details. Thanks
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BBC Bassett Zoomies Hi, I have a set of 2 1/4 BBC Bassett Zoomies that are jet coated and in nice shape $325.00 OBO + the ride. Please PM me if you have any questions or want them. Thanks
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1976 Sanger Runner Bottom Hi, I have a nice solid 1976 Sanger runner bottom that has been a great boat for me. This boat has a 10 Casale v-drive with 18 gears and a whirlaway as well as a air shift. It also has a year old prop shaft (Aquamet 22 1 inch) and at the same time I installed a new drag rudder, along with new Aut...
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BBC Blower Intakes & Zoomies & Pulleys & J... Hi, I have some BBC blower stuff for sale and the list is below, everything is OBO + the ride please call Jeff @ 1415-202-3802 or pm me. Thanks 1. BBC polished tall deck littlefield comp intake with burst panel for $550.00 OBO 2. BBC polished STD deck Blower shop intake in great shape $350.00 O...
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New Enderley BAU Hi, I have a new Enderle big and ugly (BAU) tall hat with the five inch butterfly as well as the main fuel tube for a K Valve. I ended up going with the smaller on for my application and was only used for mockup on my boat. These sell for $1,449.00 at Good vibration motor sports + tax and shippin...
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Subject Price Brand Price Found
2019 Starcraft Limited 2000 OB, with 0 available now! $33,780.00 - 3 hours ago
BBC 9.8 Pro-Filer Tunnel Ram $1,000.00 Silver about 2 years ago
Props $300.00 Grady White about 2 years ago
BBC Solid Roller Cams $200.00 Other about 2 years ago
D21 Shaft seals & other Parts $50.00 Water over 2 years ago
Casale Gears $275.00 Other over 2 years ago
Jones Tach Package $450.00 Grady White over 2 years ago
Enderle Quick Release pump Extension $125.00 Other over 2 years ago
Fiberglass Scoop $300.00 International Fiberglass over 2 years ago
BBC Bassett Zoomies $325.00 Other almost 3 years ago
1976 Sanger Runner Bottom $5,000.00 Sun Runner over 3 years ago
BBC Blower Intakes & Zoomies & Pulleys & JE Piston $550.00 Other almost 4 years ago
New Enderley BAU $1,300.00 Other almost 4 years ago