Canon 5D Mk II (< 10k clicks) + 135L + 72mm B+W filter + 420EX Speedlite + TC-80N3 Timer Remote

about 4 years ago
FS: Canon 5D Mk II (< 10k clicks) + 135L + 72mm B+W filter + 420EX Speedlite + TC-80N3 Timer Remote
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Chicago, IL, United States

I am an amateur photographer who is extremely careful with his equipment. As I plan an upgrade and having a limited budget, I have the following items in excellent condition for sale. Location: Chicago.
Total for the bundle: $1,850, which includes:
Canon 5D Mk II – included in the bundle (or $900 for camera only)
The camera was purchased in March 2012 from an authorized dealer. EOSinfo shows less than 10k shutter actuations. Never used professionally or abused. It has only seen gentle use, mostly on vacations and for family shots. Never installed Magic Lantern. Very clean and in perfect operating condition. Comes with the original box (UPC intact), all manufacturer-supplied accessories, and documentation. (Being borderline OCD
I can see a tiny spec of dust in the viewfinder but you have to really look for it to notice. Does not affect pictures in any way and should be easily blown off with a rocket blower. I dont own a blowernever needed it, and dont want to buy it just for this. Again, noting it for OCD reasons only. The camera is super clean, no scratches or dings
please see detailed pictures below. What you see is what you get).
Canon EOS 135mm f2 L – included in the bundle (or $870 lens only)
The lens was purchased in 2012 from an authorized dealer. Never used professionally or abused. From day one, lens had a brass B+W UV filter on – never took it off. The lens was used mostly for (infrequent) vacations and family shots. Very clean inside and out, not a single scratch on the glass or body ding, in perfect operating condition – please see detailed pictures. While this is an AMAZING lens, my 70-200 covers the focal range. Included are all original accessories and box (UPC intact). Accessories include: front and rear lens caps, soft case (never used), Canon lens hood, warranty card and paperwork.
B+W 72mm F-PRO MRC UV/Haze filter – included in the bundle
Brass construction. Made in Germany. It was purchased for the 135L lens and always stayed on it. Similarly to 135L, it has seen very little use. Super clean. Comes with the original carrying case and authentic B+W packaging with a hologram (UPC intact). No scratches or dings. Please see detailed pictures.
Canon TC-80N3 Timer Remote Control - included in the bundle
Excellent condition. The TC-80N3 was called the “Cadillac of intervalometers.” This is a remote switch with an 2.6ft cord and a self-timer, interval timer, long-exposure timer, and exposure-count setting feature. It allows a timed start (down to the second), an essentially infinitely adjustable interval length, and it allows one to specify how long each exposure is to be (up to 99 hours), and finally, it allows one to set the number of shots to be taken. Comes with the original box (UPC intact), battery, and documentation. Please see pictures.
Canon Speedlite 420EX - included in the bundle
Excellent little unit. Very reliable consistent output. Full E-TTL. Swiveling bounce head zooms automatically over a range of 24mm-105mm. Wireless E-TTL compatibility permits it to function as a slave unit. To be fair, the 430EX has replaced the 420EX, but there is no better bang-for-buck if you can find a 420EX. It makes an excellent “starter” flash or can be a perfect system match for a multiple-speedlite setup. This 420EX is in pristine condition – please see pictures.
All sale items here are in excellent condition, are of top-notch quality and with very low ‘mileage’. Therefore, I will not entertain low-ball offers. I strongly prefer dealing locally (Chicago) but will consider shipping in the continental US to buyers who have solid history on Dpreview. Payment via PayPal ‘gift’ or PayPal ‘goods’ - whichever you are comfortable with. I will ship UPS tracked. I will pay for the shipping of the entire bundle, camera, or lens.