Pentax K-5 Body + Extras: $225

about 3 years ago
Pentax K-5 Body + Extras: $225
Comrade Tao
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Garfield Heights, OH, United States

This K-5 Body is well used and not is in well-used condition. You can see wear around the body corners, and some of the front grip is coming loose. It doesn't look bad in the pictures, but it is in fact loosening. The shutter count is somewhere around 49k. I have tried it with an 18-55WR kit lens and it functioned fine as far as I could tell.
The lens shown in the picture does not function properly, but it comes with the camera. I'm using it as a really elaborate lens cap. The electronics of the lens are messed up. You're welcome to play with it. The body also comes with the charger, a second battery (of unknown condition) and a Quantaray PZ-1 DSZ flash (appears to be functioning, it flashes at least).
Shipping is not included with the price. I should be able to pack it all into a medium FR box for about $17 including insurance.