Samsung NX1 + 50-150mm & 60mm + 85mm lens

about 4 years ago
Samsung NX1 + 50-150mm & 60mm + 85mm lens
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Cincinnati, OH, United States

I'm changing camera systems and decided to sell my Samsung NX1 with 50-150+85mm+60mm lenses + battery grip + charger + 2 batteries for $2100.All are in Mint condition with no scratches or dings (I'm Meticulous with my gear).If you're looking for this phenomenal camera system and you live within a couple hours of Cincinnati Ohio,it would be worth the drive to pickup this camera.This won't be up on Ebay and I won't ship and I guarantee it will go fast.I was given an offer by a local camera shop which just wasn't quite what I wanted for it.I'm going to keep my NX500+16-50mm f/2-2.8 lens as I LOVE this combination for travel.If interested message me here or PM me for information on this camera gear.  85mm is on the NX1 by the way.
Samsung NX1+50-150+85+60+battery grip and charger
.It WILL go fast...Tim