1987 Porsche Carrera Targa - Guardsman Red - For Sale in NC

about 4 years ago
1987 Porsche Carrera Targa - Guardsman Red - For Sale in NC
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1987 Porsche Carrera Targa - Guardsman Red - For Sale in NC
Yeah, it’s a beautiful, iconic car and I wish I had more time to give her. I have a real fondness for the ’84 to ’89 Carreras and my first Porsche was a white 1989 with a whale tail.
I bought this car in October of 2012 with 191,507 on the odometer and as of May 10th 2015 she has 201,530. She stays in my garage and does not go out in the rain even though I had all the roof/window/hood seals redone by Millersport in Hillsborough, NC.
The car was initially purchased and spent most of it’s driven life in California. The Pre Purchase Inspection (PPI) I did came back with minor age related issues and I dealt with all of the important stuff, put new tires on her (Bridgestone Continental ExtremeContact DW 225/50ZR16 & 205/55ZR16) and replaced the shocks with Bilstein Sports. I also put in an Alpine head unit so I could jack my iPhone in. There have been no other modifications to the car.
She starts right up with no smoke and idles smoothly but doesn’t get out nearly enough as I have only put 10k on her in two years. That said I don’t like to leave her sitting too long and I have changed the oil religiously.
Notes:Has clean CARFAX but episodic documentation until previous owner and me.
Just replaced gear shift bushings which greatly improved shift feel.
Oil just changed with Brad Penn 20W-50.
The roof is in great shape and can be folded and stowed but I prefer to just take it off before driving.
Has a trickle charger so she can sit for a while if need be.
The A/C was
just recharged and blows cold on driver’s side, fair in the middle.
G50 transmission with slightly notchy shifting from 1st to 2nd when cold, that goes away quickly even in cold weather.
Has been repainted but it was a really good job. According to previous owner the repaint was done after car was keyed in a Los Angeles parking lot. Slight paint bubble on front bumper.
There is a clicking sound you hear when you rotate the steering wheel to full lock, I have had several Porsche mechanics investigate this and they have found nothing.
The passenger seat motor needs to be replaced.
She leaks a little oil so some strategically placed cardboard is a good idea.
The initial PPI, the receipt for initial work, and the CARFAX are on Google Drive here:
Google+ Photo Album:
Please feel free to email me at:
Serious inquiries only please, thanks!
- Bill O’Luanaigh -